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SAVE The Waverley Appeal Launched As All 2019 Sailings Cancelled

ICONIC Clyde paddle steamer Waverley needs new boilers and will not sail in 2019.

A Save the Waverley appeal has been launched to raise money for the work to ensure she sails in 2020.

Waverley Excursions Ltd said it "deeply regrets" the situation.

It explained in a statement: "As part of the winter maintenance programme we have been undertaking boiler works. Unfortunately, after extensive consultation and investigation it is now conclusive that the ship’s boilers require replacement.

"We immediately face a significant challenge to raise the required funds to re-boiler Waverley and return her to service.

"We fully appreciate any support at this time to help return Waverley to steam."

| Donations can be made via the Waverley Excursions website 

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