Clyde Shipping

OCEAN Terminal Hosting Three Cruise Ships In Three Days

GREENOCK welcomes cruise ships each day for the first three days of August.

On Wednesday (1 August), Brilliance of the Seas, above, returns to the Ocean Terminal. The 90,000-tonne ship is on a 12-night British Isles cruise and is expected in from Invergordon early in the morning and should leave about 6pm, bound for Dublin.

On Thursday morning (2 August), the 66,800-tonne Marina, above, is due on the Clyde, in from Ullapool. The vessel is due to leave at 10pm, heading for Belfast.

Finally, on Friday (3 August), it's the turn of Mein Schiff 3, above. The 99,300-tonne ship is scheduled to be at the terminal from about 7am to 7pm, arriving in from Invergordon and also departing for Belfast.

Arrival and departure times often change at short notice.

Greenock 2018 Cruise Ship List 

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