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NAVY Vessels Arriving For Training Exercise

Royal Navy mine hunters HMS Blyth and HMS Ramsey which will take part in Exercise Joint Warrior

A MULTI-national fleet of navy vessels is arriving on the Clyde this week as part of major training exercise Joint Warrior.

A number of ships will be at Faslane and Glasgow as well as moored off Greenock as they prepare for the twice-yearly war games out at sea with most of the activity happening off the west and north coasts of Scotland.

One of the largest military exercises in Europe, Joint Warrior will see maritime activity from 35 naval units from Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the United States. 

Thousands of service personnel from all three branches of the UK military, and personnel from allied and partner nations, will take part in the exercise which is scheduled to begin on 26 March and run until 6 April.

HM Naval Base Clyde will host around 430 additional personnel from the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff who will co-ordinate the giant exercise from the base’s maritime operations centre.

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