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CRUISE Ships Meeting On The Clyde For Third Time

Astoria, left, and Le Boreal at Greenock in 2016

TWO cruise ships that have a habit of meeting up on the Clyde are at it again.

Astoria and Le Boreal will both visit the Ocean Terminal on Friday although this time they will take it in turns.

They previously shared the berth at the terminal twice in 2016.

The ships at the terminal in 2016

The visit by Astoria, and another call by the ship on 5 June, are late additions to the list of cruise ship calls at Greenock this year.

The 16,000-tonne Astoria, which arrived early this morning, is due to leave at 5pm and  the 11,000-tonne Le Boreal will take its place for a two-hour stop-over.

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Another view of the ships in 2016. Photo by Nancy Orr

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