MULTI-Million Pound Investment In New Cranes At Greenock Ocean Terminal

24 June, 2022 | Business, Clyde Shipping, Local

PEEL Ports is to invest £17million in new cranes at Greenock Ocean Terminal.

The operator says the work will help to future-proof the port as it prepares to accommodate increased demand from cargo owners.

It is the largest single investment made at the container terminal since it opened in 1969.

The terminal currently accounts for 60,000 containers per annum, a third of all containers coming into Scotland, and the new infrastructure is set to contribute to its growth.

It also recently created additional storage capacity of up to 2,500TEU [twenty foot equivalent units] for containers as it continues to keep up with an increase in demand.

Once the crane contract is awarded, it’s expected the work will take 18 months. When the cranes are completed, the group will decommission the three existing cranes.

Crane no.3 will be replaced in the short term with a multi-docker crane that specialises in the handling of forest products, that will further enhance the port’s service offerings and create further opportunities.

The commission of the cranes at Scotland’s deepest container terminal comes amid the ongoing construction of a purpose built multi agency Border Control Post.

This was a requirement to allow all commodities to be imported and exported from the port in the face of changing legislative requirements because of Brexit.

Clydeport Port Director at Peel Ports Group, Jim McSporran said: “The commission of two new cranes will be significant for Greenock Ocean Terminal and will contribute to the continuing growth seen in recent times.

“This investment also highlights our commitment to ensuring Greenock Ocean Terminal continues to provide an efficient service for our customers.

“Greenock Ocean Terminal is a mainstay of the local community and it’s important that we look towards the future and continue to provide job prospects and economic opportunities for local businesses.”

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