‘LARGE Sums Of Money’ Taken From Householder’s Bank Account

23 November, 2021 | Local, Noticeboard

RESIDENTS are being warned about a broadband security phone scam.

Police in Inverclyde are investigating after a householder was duped by a female claiming to be from Virgin Media who called their landline phone.

The woman stating the purpose of the call was in relation to broadband security and that they have detected someone was ‘piggy backing’ her wifi.

The female suspect then advised the victim to download applications to her mobile phone including Quicksupport, Coinbase and Revolt.

A police spokesman said: “Once installed these apps were able to take full control of the victim’s phone and, combined with personal information already provided, they were able to access her bank account removing large sums of money.

“The victim’s bank observed the activity and managed to stop some transactions.”

Advice about cyber-related financial crime Police Scotland

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