LABOUR Choose Candidate For Gourock Council Ward

30 November, 2021 | Local

INVERCLYDE Labour have selected Martin McCluskey as their candidate for the Gourock Ward (Inverclyde West) at May’s council elections.

Mr McCluskey, 35, was Labour’s candidate in the 2017 and 2019 UK General Elections and a prominent campaigner against cuts to NHS services in Inverclyde.

A resident of Gourock, he runs his own business and is an unpaid carer for a family member with dementia.

He said: “I’m really proud to have been selected as Labour’s candidate for Gourock at next year’s council elections. I live and work in Gourock and I know how much this town has to offer: a fantastic community spirit, great schools, green spaces, a vibrant high street and Britain’s best outdoor pool!

“My priority now is to get out and find out how people across Gourock believe we can make our town even better. There’s so much we need to be focussing on: making sure everyone can access an affordable home to raise their family; bringing all our high streets in Gourock up to the standard that’s been set by Kempock Street and protecting our environment with more enforcement against things like dog fouling and littering.

“As a carer, I also want to see a renewed focus on social care. Gourock’s population is ageing and we’re going to need even more paid carers to support people to stay in their homes in the years to come and those carers need to be properly rewarded to reflect the level of responsibility they have.

“I don’t support Government plans to take social care out of Inverclyde’s control. We’ve been badly let down by centralisation of NHS services and the same can’t happen to social care.”

Inverclyde Council Labour Leader Stephen McCabe said: “I am delighted that Martin will be our candidate for Gourock at May’s Council elections. He showed in 2017 and 2019 he is a formidable campaigner and someone who cares passionately about our community. He would be a first class Councillor for Gourock and someone who could make a real contribution to the work of Inverclyde Council.”

Labour does not currently have a councillor in Inverclyde West.

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