‘KNOW The Law’ Police Plea To Parents After Off-Road Motorbikes Seized By Officers

3 March, 2021 | Local

TWO young bikers have been charged and their off-road motorbikes seized after an incident at a Greenock park.

Police responded to reports of off-road bikes allegedly being driven dangerously at Lady Octavia Park at Bridgend Road yesterday.

A spokesman said: “As a result two young motorcyclists have been reported for a number of offences and the bikes seized.

“Inverclyde police have received a number of complaints recently regarding off-road and quad motorbikes being driven in public places.

“This behaviour is anti-social and dangerous to both the riders and pedestrians and remains a significant concern for police and the public.”

Police are appealing for people who own or have bought their children off-road/quad motorbikes to know the legislation, stressing that the vehicles can only be used on private areas with permission of the land owner.

If used on a public road then they are subject to all the usual requirements of road traffic law including insurance, licence, registration and that all the appropriate safety equipment is fitted for use on a road.

Officers say they will continue to patrol areas associated with these complaints and will take appropriate action against people who break the law.

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