KILMACOLM House Plan Refused

9 May, 2022 | Local, Planning

The indicative proposal for the site

PLANNERS have rejected proposals for a house at a wooded area in Kilmacolm.

Permission had been sought for the principle of developing a detached property beside Woodlands, 1 The Avenue, West Glen Road.

A statement with the application explained: “The applicants wish to put this ground within the Kilmacolm boundary to beneficial use in a manner sympathetic to the woodland setting, the high visual quality of the surrounding area, and the natural environment.

“The application is for an ‘in principle’ consent with further details of the proposed dwellinghouse to be agreed at a further date. Nonetheless, an indicative proposal is included for information purposes.”

Seven trees would have had to be removed, with replanting taking place elsewhere on the site.

Inverclyde Council officials refused permission saying that taking away the trees would have an adverse visual impact on the setting which has been covered by a tree preservation order since 1969.

They added that removal of all but one of the trees had not been justified for arboricultural reasons.

The report by planners also noted that the house’s garden would be shaded because of remaining trees, raising the likelihood of pressure from occupants seeking permission for further tree removal.

Officials also felt that the indicated position of the house, close to the boundary with Woodlands, was “at variance with the pattern of development in the surrounding area” where houses are generally in the middle of their plots.

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