INVERCLYDE Council Leader Makes ‘Compromise’ Offer Over Tax Freeze

1 March, 2024 | Local

THE leader of Inverclyde Council has made an offer to Scotland’s deputy first minister that would result in a local council tax freeze from April.

Councillor Stephen McCabe has written to Shona Robison MSP, who is also the country’s finance secretary, seeking the area’s share of the government grant to freeze Council Tax for 2024/25.

At a special meeting yesterday, the council agreed to increase council tax by 8.2 per cent in 2024/25 and six per cent in 2025/26 to help deliver a balanced budget and minimise cuts to jobs and services.

In doing so, the council declined the Scottish Government’s funding offer to implement a council tax freeze in 2024/25.

The council leader has now made an offer to implement a freeze if the deputy first minister provides the money that was earmarked for Inverclyde.

Councillor McCabe said: “I have reflected on the discussions at the full council yesterday and the desire expressed by many of my fellow councillors that Inverclyde residents should benefit from the funding on offer from the Scottish Government for a council tax freeze.

“I have therefore written today to the Deputy First Minister proposing a way in which this can be achieved.

“If the government is willing to make this funding available on a recurring basis, baselined into the local government settlement for 2024/25 and beyond, I would be prepared to recommend to the council that we use the funding for 2024/25 to provide Inverclyde households with a one-off rebate on their council tax charge for 2024/25, which would mean that Inverclyde residents would receive a freeze in their council tax for 2024/25 in line with the First Minister’s national policy priority. This, I believe, offers a win-win-win for all concerned.

“The Scottish Government gets its national council tax freeze, Inverclyde households benefit from a local council tax freeze, and the council receives the benefit of a stronger council tax base.

“The compromise I have suggested is eminently reasonable.”

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