INTERNATIONAL Navy Fleet Heading To Clyde As Part Of Exercise

16 September, 2021 | Clyde Shipping, Local

Navy ships at Faslane during a previous exercise

THE Clyde is set to host elements of major UK-led multi-national training mission Exercise Strike Warrior, with a number of navy ships visiting.

One of the largest military exercises of its kind in Europe, Joint Warrior 212 will run from 18 to 30 September with a some of the participating vessels departing from west coast ports.

Ships from Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Latvia and Norway are due to take part with around ten of the ships stopping off at King George V Docks, Glasgow before joining Joint Warrior. Ships will also arrive at Clyde Naval Base, Faslane, Hunterston and Greenock.

The maritime exercise areas will be off the north and west coasts of Scotland.

HMS Dragon at Clyde Naval Base ahead of a previous Joint Warrior Exercise.

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