HOUSING Association “Making It Easier” For Local Firms To Win Work

6 February, 2023 | Business, Local, Noticeboard

CLOCH Housing Association is holding a meet-the-buyer event as it looks to work with local contractors in delivering its repairs service to tenants.

The event is on Thursday 16 February at 10am in the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock.

Interested contractors will be able to meet staff from Cloch to discuss the work further and get help on how to go about the application process.

Cloch hope to connect with joiners, plumbers, electricians, labourers, roofers, and plasterers as well as more specialist trades such as drainage contractors and door entry technicians.

The housing association has a stock of more than 1,400 homes across Inverclyde.

Paul McColgan, head of property, said: “We want to make sure that we give opportunities to local contractors to work with Cloch. In the past we have had to look to use larger contractors for repairs work.

“However, this time we are changing how we buy our repairs service which means that it will be easier to make sure that local businesses are able to win work.”

Contractors may also secure additional business as Cloch work closely with a number of housing associations across Renfrewshire which are also looking for similar contractors.

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