ELECTION Hopeful Highlights Future Of Gourock Health Centre

27 January, 2022 | Local

THE cost of bringing Gourock Health Centre up to an ‘improved standard’ would be more than £300,000, authorities have told council candidate Martin McCluskey.

Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board is deciding whether to refurbish or replace the health centre as part of a property review which will be concluded this year.

The health board response to Mr McCluskey states: “Current works required to bring the building up to an improved standard include both short and longer term works totalling £319.113.37.

“It is likely that Gourock will have an overall refurbishment rather than replacement and some improvement works have already taken place to refurbish/ repurpose rooms in order to deliver the additional services required by the Primary Care Improvement Plan.”

In response, Mr McCluskey has launched consultation to find out whether Gourock residents would rather see the existing health centre refurbished or a new health centre opened to replace it.

The Labour candidate said: “Repairs to Gourock Health Centre have mounted up over the years and are now well over a quarter of a million pounds. This isn’t acceptable for local residents who rely on services at the health centre.

“At the very least these repairs need to be made to ensure a quality environment for both patients and staff. But we also need to ask whether it might be better value for money –- when the repair and ongoing maintenance costs are already so high – to consider a new health centre for Gourock.

“We now have a fantastic new health centre in Greenock –- why shouldn’t we be pushing for the same for our community?

“The decision about whether to refurbish or replace Gourock Health Centre shouldn’t be made behind closed doors. It should be made in full consultation with Gourock residents.

“That’s why I’ve launched a survey to find out whether residents would rather see the existing health centre refurbished or replaced.”

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