DRY-Docking Move For Ferry

15 July, 2022 | Clyde Shipping, Local

FERRY Glen Sannox left Port Glasgow to head down the Clyde for a three-week stay in dry dock at Greenock.

Finishing touches will be made to internal systems including its propulsion, and a fresh coat of paint will be applied to its hull.

The ferry, one of two under construction at Ferguson Marine (Port Glasgow), made the 40-minute trip to the Dales Marine yard at Garvel.

It will be worked on by a combination of staff from Dales and around 130 Ferguson Marine workers.

David Tydeman, chief executive at Ferguson Marine, said: “The work being undertaken in collaboration with Dales is another important milestone in the delivery of MV Glen Sannox.

“The sub-waterline and aesthetic works being undertaken show that the ferry is coming along well, and we look forward to welcoming her back to Port Glasgow in August for a continuation of the commissioning programme.

“Our next major milestone is the testing of main engines and generators before October, which will bring the ship to life.”

MV Glen Sannox is scheduled to be delivered between March and May 2023, and Hull 802 between October and December 2023.

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