RIVER Clyde Homes Rent To Rise By Two Per Cent

THE Board of River Clyde Homes has confirmed that the rent increase for 2017/18 will be restricted to the rate of inflation (two per cent), keeping a promise made two years ago.

The decision follows extensive consultation with customers that resulted in a record 755 responses being received, 14 per cent of the housing association's customers.

Eighty-four per cent of those who responded confirmed their support for the proposal to limit the rise to the Retail Price Index (RPI) level.

Rent for a one-bedroom flat in a typical tenement will go up by £1.45 to £73.99 a week; two bedroom by £1.51 to £77.21; three bedroom by £1.58 to £80.43 and four bedroom by £1.64 to £83.65.

Other charges will increase as follows:

-- Heating: RPI only (two per cent)

-- Garages, covered parking, ground sites and allotments: RPI only (two per cent)

-- Factoring: RPI only (two per cent)

-- Warden Services (excluding Bagatelle Court): increase to meet actual costs of providing the service (9.85 per cent)

-- Warden Services at Bagatelle Court: increase to meet actual costs of providing the service (0.08 per cent)

-- Caretaking Services: increase to meet actual costs of providing the service (2.9 per cent)

Other feedback from customers participating in the consultation confirmed the following priorities:

-- Improvements in the responsive repairs service

-- Tackling anti-social behaviour

-- Renewing or replacing electric heating systems and

-- Investment in the areas around homes such as footpaths, bin and drying areas and open spaces 

Customers also confirmed ‘keeping rents affordable’ as their answer to the question ‘what matters to you most?’.

Albert Henderson, chair of the River Clyde Homes Board said: "The amount of feedback we received to the consultation this year was our highest ever. We asked customers to tell us whether they agreed, or not, with the promise we made two years ago to restrict rent increases to the level of RPI and I’m pleased to see our customers support our ongoing plans to improve our housing stock across Inverclyde.”

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