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PUBLIC Meeting About Anti-Social Behaviour On Greenock Esplanade

PUBLIC Meeting About Anti-Social Behaviour On Greenock Esplanade

A PUBLIC meeting about tackling anti-social behaviour on Greenock Esplanade is being held on Wednesday (13 September).

Organisers, Cardwell Bay and Greenock West Community Council, urge residents who have experienced problems to attend.

There will be representatives from Inverclyde Council and Police Scotland, and local councillors.

The meeting aims to gather information about the different forms of anti-social behaviour, hear what solutions could be put in place and demonstrate the level of support for firm action.

A spokesman for the community council said: "There have been an increasing number of complaints around various forms of anti-social behaviour on the Esplanade and we're keen to encourage as many locals to attend, voice their concerns, give their ideas and also demonstrate to the various authorities the level of anger at this issue, which has been ongoing for a long time."

The meeting is in the Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club on The Esplanande, at 7.30pm.

A shortened regular meeting of the community council will take place (time permitting) after The Esplanade discussion.

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