PLAN To Expand Residents' Parking Permit Scheme In Greenock

INVERCLYDE Council officials say more streets should be brought into the Greenock town centre residents' parking permit scheme.

Roads staff report that the system, which started in April last year, has "bedded in well" but add that requests for more streets to be covered have come from residents.

Officials are recommending that the existing GR2 permit zone is extended to include East Shaw Street, Bearhope Street and Duncan Street. Residents on the north side of Regent Street between Ann Street and Sir Michael Street would also be able to apply for permits for that zone.

Shaw Place

A new permit zone, GR4, is also proposed. It would include the whole of Shaw Place, as well as lengths of Trafalgar Street and Mearns Street between Shaw Place and Regent Street. Residents on the north side of Regent Street between Bank Street and Ann Street and residents on Bank Street would be able to apply for permits for this zone too.

A report to councillors states that there are 370 eligible properties within the proposed extension to the permit scheme area. Each would be eligible for two permits. Within the current permit scheme areas only around a quarter (26 per cent) of eligible permits have been applied for. 

The report continues: "For estimating purposes, it is assumed that 30 per cent of the new permits will be applied for, which represents a total of 220 permits."

Councillors agreed with the proposals which will now be subject to public consultation.

The residents' permit scheme allows permit-holders to park in limited waiting on-street bays and council owned off-street car parks without limit of time and in council-owned pay and display car parks without payment in the zone to which the relevant permit applies.  | More about the scheme   

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