LATEST Vacancies From Inverclyde Jobcentre Plus

LATEST vacancies from Inverclyde Jobcentre Plus

Cleaner (part-time)  £9.25 to £12 per hour | Ref no. 1293028

Customer Team Leader (part-time)  £8.76 per hour | Ref no. 1290760

Labourer  £8.78 per hour | Ref no. 1287646

Apprentice Electrician  Above national minimum wage | Ref no. 1271905

Administration and Events Officer (part-time)  £18,000 pro rata | Ref no. 1271477

Store Assistant (part-time)  £5.22 to £8.07 per hour | Ref no. 1261915

Customer Service Representative  Wage to be decided | Ref no. 911766

User Administration Analysts  £20,000 per annum | Ref no. 1282342

Further information on the vacancies can be found online, using the job reference number.

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