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GREENOCK Camera Club Meetings Resume

GREENOCK Camera Club Meetings Resume

Clyde sunset. Photo by Bob Hossack

GREENOCK Camera Club resume their meetings today (Thursday) in Greenock Golf Club, Forsyth Street at 7.15pm.

Members and anyone interested in photography are invited to go along with recent images and their cameras to share and discuss how to improve the photos and learn more about how the different types of camera work.

Autumn Colours, by Campbell Skinner

Club president Campbell Skinner said: "As part of the journey we take in photography it is important to know what the camera can do and that the photographer is familiar with all the controls. We will discuss possible locations to take pictures and the best times to go to the locations.

"We will also review any pictures that members may be considering entering in the next competition so any changes can be discussed and made prior to entries being submitted."

Eyes On the Music, by David Goldthorp

Featured photos are some of the entries from the club's first monthly competition

Cloch Aurora. Photo by Ian McCann

Photo by Bernie Clark

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