PROMOTION -- Giant Clothes Swap Event At Parklea Branching Out

PARKLEA Branching Out at Port Glasgow is giving people the chance to try clothes swapping instead of shopping.

It's holding a Get Swishing event from noon on Saturday (20 October) at its base in Greenock Road, Port Glasgow.

People can take along clothes, shoes and accessories they no longer wear and use them as currency to take home other items. Men’s, children’s and women’s items are welcome.

To get involved, people should take at least one clean and presentable item to swap (maximum of 10 items).

Items can be dropped off before Friday 19 October in exchange for a token. People can select new items, with a token, on Saturday 20 October.

Items left over from the swish will be donated to a local charity.

For information about the event call (01475) 744516.

Parklea Branching Out

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