AWARD-Winning Painter’s Artwork To Be Displayed

5 May, 2022 | Local, Noticeboard

A PAINTER who was inspired to pursue art by her teacher at Greenock Academy is showcasing her work at the Beacon.

Susan Harvey’s paintings reflect the light and atmosphere of the landscape in which she grew up, and go on display at the Greenock venue from Saturday.

The ‘Threshold’ exhibition will feature images of seascapes, plants and birds, and the island of Iona, which the artist first visited as a teenager 45 years ago and still repeatedly returns to.

Harvey describes the west coast of Scotland as the place of her “primary inspiration” after growing up with a view of the water.

She said: “As a secondary pupil at Greenock Academy, I spent most of my free hours in Gordon Wyllie’s art department. He encouraged me to attend evening drawing classes at Glasgow School of Art.

As a practising artist himself, and willing to share his knowledge of art with us, he was a great inspiration.

“In Greenock, I always lived with a view of the water. It was as a teenager living here that I made my first visit to the island of Iona and it is a great pleasure to return to the west coast, as the place of my primary inspiration.

“The title of the exhibition is ‘Threshold’, reflecting my preoccupation with the transitional: the mutable meeting points of time and place.”

Towards Holy Isle, Arran

Harvey studied at Glasgow School of Art (GSA) before going on to do a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London.

She has worked as a university lecturer in art and design in various institutions over the past 30 years, and previously won a Royal Society of Arts award when she was a student.

The concept of ‘Threshold’ comes from Harvey’s interest in the meeting of day and night and land and sea, the transition of time and place, and her awareness of the fragility and transience of life and the environment.

Beacon Arts Centre hosts a programme of exhibitions, co-ordinated by guest curator Fraser Taylor, in its upstairs gallery space. Harvey’s ‘Threshold’ exhibition will run for three weeks until Saturday 28 May.

Pauline Kane, director of Beacon Arts Centre, said: “We are delighted to be showcasing the work of one of Inverclyde’s homegrown talents, Susan Harvey, in what promises to be a very special exhibition.

“At the Beacon, we host regular exhibitions that shine a light on a variety of works from local artists, as well as those from further afield.

“Harvey’s paintings take inspiration from the west coast of Scotland, and it is fitting that they should go on display here.”

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