APPLICATION For New House In West End

29 August, 2023 | Local, Planning

INVERCLYDE planners are being asked to approve development of a house in the grounds of a Greenock West End property.

The home would be in the garden at 58 Esplanade, beside North Street and Eldon Street.

Above, the site at the moment, and below, how it could look if permission is given

The application seeks permission for the principle of a house on the land; if granted, detailed plans would need to be submitted for approval, although indicative designs are included.

A statement prepared by architects Nicolson McShane explains: “In support of this application, we have prepared a notional proposal for information purposes to demonstrate how a dwelling might be accommodated on the site and the extremely limited impact that this will have in the public realm.”

“Our proposal seeks to reconcile the high demand for easily accessible, high quality ‘downsize friendly’ housing in this sought-after location with the sensitivity and historical importance of the West End.”

The house could be single-storey to sit behind the existing garden walls and reduce its visibility from North Street and Eldon Street.

From Eldon Street only the traditionally proportioned roof would be visible maintaining the pattern of the streetscape where roofs are visible from the street over stone garden walling.

A substantial area of garden could be kept for 58 Esplanade and the new dwelling could have its own garden and off-street car parking space.

The main trees could be retained to maintain the green backdrop and there could also be new planting.

The statement concludes: “Inverclyde has long sought to promote the suitability of the area for high-quality housing in an effort to attract people to the area and stem population decline. This is a modest opportunity to provide a high quality small dwelling in a highly sought after location at a minimal cost to the physical environment.”

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