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25 January, 2019 | Single Pages

HOLLYWOOD star Scarlett Johansson celebrated her birthday in Devol, Port Glasgow while filming sci-fi movie Under The Skin.

Johansson turned 27 yesterday (Tuesday 22 November 2011) on location at a house in the upper Port Glasgow estate.

She was surprised by the film crew who gathered at the end of the day in a dark, narrow path among houses between Muirdykes Avenue and Glenside Road to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and present her with a cake — apparently in the shape of a white van.

After the singing, Johansson told the crew: “I can’t think of a better place to have my birthday! It’s been the best.”

Scarlett Johannson’s 27th birthday celebration took place in a dark, narrow path in houses between Muirdykes Avenue and Glenside Road.

The shoot has been in Devol for several days using a house which is for sale as well as surrounding paths in between the houses around Muirdykes Avenue. A scaffold platform was built behind the house as part of the shoot.

One resident said: “It’s hard to believe she is here. One of my friends was watching from her window and was asked to be an extra.”

Johansson crossing Muirdykes Avenue during filming on Wednesday

Under The Skin is being directed by Jonathan Glazer whose previous films include Sexy Beast and Birth. The film, being shot in various Scottish locations, is based on a novel by Michael Faber.

Johansson plays an alien on earth disguised as a beautiful woman who scours remote highways and desolate scenery looking to use her greatest weapon — her sexuality — to snare human prey.

Scaffolding at the house being used for the shoot

Johansson, who will appear in superhero movie The Avengers next year, has also starred in Iron Man 2 and Lost In Translation.

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