A8 Lane Closures Extended So Sewer Work Can Be Done

29 November, 2023 | Local, Noticeboard

TRAFFIC restrictions on the A8 in Greenock will last for several weeks longer than expected to allow Scottish Water to work on an extra project.

East Hamilton Street has been reduced to one lane in each direction in the Pottery Street area for five months while flood alleviation measures are constructed, with work due to be completed in December

Scottish Water have now announced that a separate scheme to reline a section of sewer is to be carried out using the same road traffic management arrangements.

Georgina Reid, Scottish Water’s corporate affairs regional affairs manager in the west, said: “In practical terms we will be working on the road for approximately three to four weeks longer than originally scheduled while we deliver this extra project.

“The benefit of doing this means we will not have to return to the site later in the year and excavate the newly reinstated road and central reservation.

“It also means the sewer relining can be completed in approximately half the time it would otherwise require.

“I can appreciate there will be a sense of disappointment at what is perceived as a delay.

“This is actually an additional project being delivered in less time and with less disruption than would otherwise be the case.”

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