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PostHeaderIcon READERS' Photos -- Fire Engine Fun At Largs

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6 September -- Theresa Gemmell and her family from Fancy Farm, Greenock with a fire engine from Greenock-based Strathclyde Fire and Heritage Centre at Viking Festival, Largs. Photo by Rosie Jake Photography. Click for bigger image

2 September -- Readers' photos of the Beacon's First Beam Of Light Celebration:

Photos by Ian McCann. Click for photos

Photos by Tom Stevenson. Click for photos

More about the event


27 August -- Sunday's sunset and Monday's sunrise as captured by four readers. Click for photos




21 August -- Routemaster bus re-enacting the old Service 43 Leven Road to Burns Square, seen at Barr's Cottage, Greenock. Photo by Ian McCann. Click for bigger photo




20 August -- Sunset from Gourock Pool last weekend. Photo by John Dyer who took the image just before taking part in a 12-hour overnight relay swim at the pool. Click for bigger photo

Photo by Tom Stevenson

17 August -- Prince Edward arrives for Beacon's official gala opening concert last night. Click for bigger photos

Photo by Paul Tipping

6 August -- Looks like the party's turned sour -- filming for Waterloo Road in Clyde Square, Greenock, on Sunday. Photos by Paul Renfrew. Click for bigger images

3 August -- Image of lightning during 25 July storm, looking from Crisswell Crescent, Greenock, towards hills above Spango Valley. Photo by Jai Watts. Click for bigger photo

26 July -- TV news report being filmed at West Station, Greenock, following flooding.Photos by Tom Stevenson. Click for bigger photos

24 July -- Stunt show at Battery Park on Saturday. Photos by Garry King. Click for more photos

22 July -- Filming of BBC series Waterloo Road at its base in former Greenock Academy. Photos by Tom Stevenson. Click for more photos

19 July -- Sunset view from Coronation Park, Port Glasgow, 18 July. Photo by Ian McCann. Click for bigger photo.



16 July -- Christina Molloy (15) of Port Glasgow took this photo of her pet rabbit swimming in a paddling pool (click for bigger photo), and, left, lilies in her grandmother's garden (bigger photo).



15 July -- Swan family at Murdieston Dam. Two photos by Pauline MacNeill. Click here

12 July -- Clyde sunrises and a sunset. Click for bigger photos

9 July -- Vintage fire crew from Greenock Fire Station Museum at town trail launch in William Street, Greenock. Photo by Janet Boyle. Click for bigger photo.

7 July -- Swan family at Cardwell Bay; photo by Raymond Norris. Click for bigger photo

25 June -- Atmospheric Gourock sky. Photo by Peter Penny. Click for bigger photo.

18 June -- Moscow State Circus setting up in Battery Park, Greenock. Click for bigger photo [Circus Details]

3 June -- More local scenes sent in by readers. Click for photos

At Murdieston Dam. Photo by Janet Boyle

Deer on Lyle Hill,. Photo by Janet Boyle. Swan on nest of old rope at Cove Road. Photo by C Coward

31 May -- Swans and a deer. Click for bigger photos.

Photo by Murdo Munro

29 May -- Some views of rainbows and sunsets sent in by readers. Click for photos.

25 May -- Sunset from Gourock Pool, 24 May. Photo: Nicola McLaughlin. Click for bigger photo

20 May -- Loch Thom Rainbow. Photos by Stefan Flynn. Click for bigger images

18 May -- Passengers from Queen Mary 2 study new local history plaque, Grey Place, Greenock, 15 May 2013. Photo by Ken McArthur. Bigger Photo. The trail consists of 21 bronze pavement plaques in and around Greenock Town Centre, installed by Discover Inverclyde.


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