Wednesday December 17, 2014
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PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- The State Of Larkfield's Roads

QUOTE: "My rear suspension snapped the other day while travelling down Cumberland Road..."


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- One-Way Or Another For Gourock?

QUOTE: "Some parties oppose the one-way system, some have nothing against it, but everyone wants to see development take place."


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- Beacon Ticket Prices

QUOTE: "If this centre is looking for the general public to fill their seats, Glasgow prices are not the way to go."


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- Get The Gourock Development Right

QUOTE: "I am a resident on the north side of Kempock street and I am dreading a new road to the rear of the buildings. You are right that we would become a virtual island."


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- Plea To Selfish Dog Owners

QUOTE: "I have to say I am very adept at the 'pavement poo slalom."


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- Great To See So Many Readers' Photos

QUOTE: "I particularly enjoyed Stuart Arbuthnot's atmospheric 'Fog lifting at Murdieston Dam'."


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- What Is Happening With Gourock Plan?

UPDATE: Comment from Gourock Councillor Ronnie Ahlfeld now added...


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- Thanks To Emergency Crews And Pub Ladies For Help During Blaze

QUOTE: "A very big thank you to the Police and Fire Brigade for their help in evacuating our properties early this morning..."


PostHeaderIcon READER Talkback -- Litter 'Imbeciles' Urged To Come Clean

READER hopes for New Year resolution from Battery Park litter louts.


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